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It was no great surprise to find ourselves going into Tier 4 last week and that Tudor Grange Leisure Centre closed on December 31st until further notice. Unfortunately this means our training sessions on the track are suspended until the reopening as we are reliant on them for lighting and toilet facilities.


We are really disappointed about this as the Coaches felt that the Covid safe training environment we had set up had resulted in a vibrant atmosphere with excellent attendance from all our athletes and a positivity about the Club. However we must stay upbeat and hopeful that the roll out of the vaccine and other measures in place will enable us to return to training as soon as we possibly can.


We are aware that, after a break from charges from April to September last year, you were asked to pay £15.50 to affiliate to England Athletics, essential as this covers insurance etc, and a seven month payment of £70 which could be broken down into £10 monthly payments.


Along with your training sessions at the track this fee covers all the costs of your Club Membership, which include:

affiliation to Competition providers (Midland Athletics, YDL, Sportshall, Heart of England etc - some of which we hope WILL take place in the Summer).

Costs of Courses for Coaches and Officials

Equipment for training and competition

Expenses incurred by Coaches and Officials and in setting up a Covid free environment.

Once we know the extent of missed sessions this will be taken into consideration when deciding on the annual Club fees from April 2021- March 2022. The EA fee will be included in this and athletes will be given the opportunity to spread the cost over twelve monthly payments. We appreciate, through no fault of our own, that athletes aren’t getting their full ‘value for money’ and we assure you that will be reflected and that fees will be reasonable for everyone.


In the meantime we encourage all our athletes to stay as fit as they can and we look forward to welcoming everyone back on the track as soon as we get the green light to do so!


Kind Regards,


SSHAC Coaches and Committee