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Things are slowly getting back to normal & I’m delighted to confirm the track will be open on Tues 1st September. It has taken a great deal of time & effort by a number of enthusiasts from our committee to achieve this. Many thanks to them.

All of you who are returning to training should have received a letter & guidance instructions from our Covid coordinator, Lynne Moody. If you haven’t, please contact her.

Prior to training you must register with WebCollect & GoCardless, pay your EA affiliation fee of £15.50 & set up a direct debit for your Club membership fee of £10 per month.

The website is


Only those who have been registered for a particular session may attend. Spectators are not allowed in the track area unless you have volunteered & been allocated a task

Please aim to arrive 10 minutes before the start of your session as you may have to queue to go through formalities. Don’t go into the Leisure Centre but enter the track via the gates from the park close to the high jump area. You must maintain a 2 metre distance from other people whenever possible. Use of the toilets will be restricted so go before you leave home. Try to avoid touching anything but if you have to, such as a door handle, sanitise your hands.


If you do not feel well or have been close to someone who is showing Covid symptoms, do not come to the track. We must do all we can to protect each other.

Your temperature will be taken on arrival & you must sanitise your hands on entering. Each group has it’s own area designated on the track & your coach should already be there. Always take great care whenever you have to cross the track. Take personal belongings with you & store them close to your warm up area. They must not be left on the benches.


We appreciate you may not have seen your colleagues for months but please avoid long conversations, keep your distance & respond immediately to your coach’s instructions to avoid congestion on the track.


Athletes in the middle distance groups will run in lane 1 except when having to pass someone when you must move to lane 3 if it is clear & then return to lane 1 whilst maintaining a safe distance.


Sprint groups will be using lanes 5 to 8 within their restricted zones. When moving in opposite directions you must maintain 2 free lanes between you. However when going in the same direction this can be reduced to 1 free lane. Always take care when slowing down to keep clear of others.


Anyone participating in Club activities does so at their own risk.


I wish you all a safe & enjoyable return to train.


Rob Pinton